The Ping Joined Mindanao Bloggers Summit 2011

The official newsletter publication of ICI-Iligan “The Ping”, recently joined the Mindanao Bloggers Summit 2011 in which was also the secretariat of the event last October 29, 2011 held at Celadon Pension House, Pala-o Iligan City. Registration began from 7:45 am until 10:00 am. The Iligan Bloggers Society (IBS) organized and supported by the City Government.

Delegates and selected guest speakers from different parts of the country particularly from Mindanao came to the event to discuss environmental issues, foster new ideas and share their knowledge in blogging. The theme for this year’s summit is: One Green Mindanao “Mobilizing Bloggers to Promote Sustainable Lifestyle”.

The whole program began with a soothing doxology song and singing of the Philippine National Anthem from the Buhanginan Voices of the City Government.

Initially, the Content Manager of IBS, Ms. Lisa Marie Mirasol introduced the Commisioner of the Climate Change Commision, Commisioner Naderev M. Saῆo as the keynote speaker. His topic was all about Global Warming and Climate Change. With the aid of a power point presentation, he showed graphs of the earth’s increasing heat and the declining environmental state of the planet. He also gave examples of ways to preserve the natural balance of Earth. Participants asked questions to him and he answered them seriously.

Then, the second speaker, a professor of MSU-IIT, Dr. Marilou Siton-Nanaman, began to discuss about her topic which was about “Overview of Sustainable Lifestyle”. She stated the importance of simple actions that can conserve energy such as turning the lights off during daytime and pulling of plugs when not in use. She answered the questions of the participants in the open forum.

After the whole discussion and answering of questions, lunch was served. The Buhanginan Voices once again entertained the audience with their prepared song presentation. This time, they sang their own version of “Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin”. Raffle draws were made afterwards with prizes in form of free domain names from SOLIDHOSTING.PH and shirts from CEPALCO.

Shortly afterwards, the DENR Regional Director of Region 10, Mr. Ali Bari discussed about his topic about “Sustainable Environment and the Government”. His discussion talked of the programs the DENR and the government has been implementing to preserve the country’s natural resources. When he was done with his discussion, participants asked questions regarding his topic with no hesitation. The speaker himself answered all their questions.

Not a moment too soon, the Sr. Manager & Head of Systems Operations Department of Cagayan Electric Power and Light Company Inc. (CEPALCO), Engr. Cecilio U. Sumaoy took over the stage and introduced the “NO to Power Shortage in Mindanao; YES to Solar Power for Mindanao Advocacy”. The shortage of power has been a big issue in the country and with his advocacy. He discussed the importance of solar power as an alternative to hydroelectric energy which Iligan is famous for because of Maria Cristina falls that provides power supply for different parts of Mindanao. Participants attentively listened to him as he pointed out the benefits of solar energy, its affordabilty and its efficiency. Subsequently, an open forum then followed. Indeed, it was a great way to know more about the eco-solutions for power production in the country.

Consequently, a blogger and environmentalist, Ms. Anna Oposa began talking about her topic about “Blogging for the Environment”. She is one of the Pitong Pinoy Awardee. As an environmentalist, she shared her experiences in caring for the environment and writing these in her blog. Her experiences amazed everyone. Participants seriously listened to her and were entertained with her animated personality. She ended her topic with a cheerful smile.

A few minutes after that, the last speaker, a blogger and author of “Blogging from Home”, Ms. Janette Toral started to talk about her topic which is all about “Becoming a Blogger Entrepreneur”. She showed everyone how great it is to be a blogger and at the same time earn money for hard work.

Lastly, a webinar (web-based seminar) was conducted by the Philippines Country Consultant of Google Inc., Ms. Aileen Apolo-de Jesus. Participants focused their attention on her as she discussed about Google Plus (+) and how to make a circle (group) of friends, family and private persons. After her topic the speaker extended her sharing of knowledge by answering the questions of participants.

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The audience was very participative because the speakers were good. They learned a lot of things and realized among themselves that there is a great need to care for the environment for future generations.

Raffle draws were initiated after each discussion and winners were immediately announced. ICI as one of the Gold Sponsors for the summit provided technical services through computer hardwares and printing of certificates.Globe Telecom and AirPhil on the other hand, were the Platinum Sponsors which gave various prizes. Globe gave free domain names for the lucky draw winners while AirPhil gave 2 round trip tickets for any domestic flights in the country. One of the two lucky winners was a member of the Ping organization Nordin A. Sarip who excitedly claimed his prize.

Finally, the IBS President, Ms. Xyza Yape and Head Organizer of MBS 2011 and Mr. Michael Lagcao asked everyone to do the Bloggers Pledge of Loyalty.

The whole summit ended successfully bringing with it new knowledge and the will to care for the environment.