The Ping Conducts Seminar-Workshop on Journalism Writing

The Ping organization conducts a Seminar-Workshop in Journalism Writing on November 30, 2011 at HRM Lecture Hall, ICI Annex 3 Bldg from 8-5 in the afternoon. The goals of the said seminar are to enhance the writing capabilities of every Pingster and prepare them for the upcoming work sessions in making the ICI’s official publication that will begin this December 3, 2011.

This is the most-highlighted seminar of the organization because in here, all members get to learn the basics of creating a newsletter from headlines to layout designs. To start things off, the Ping’s Language Consultant, Mr. Sean B. Boglosa welcome’s everyone with a warm smile and gives words of encouragement.

Shortly after that, he calls the Editor-in-Chief, Mr. Arbil D. Ocutare to discuss his topic about the “Overview of Journalism Writing”. He defines journalism as the reporting of timely facts. Participants actively listen to him as he presents the elements of journalism right before their eyes. Apart from this, he also states the code of conduct for reporters that any journalist must live by. With the aid of a PowerPoint presentation for their better understanding of the topic, Mr. Ocutare clearly identifies the 3 C’s of Journalism that includes being clear, concise and correct as a writer. After discussing his topic, he thanks everyone for listening to him.

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Everybody takes a short break by eating thier snacks. Then, Mr. Boglosa steps-up to talk about his topic on “Newsletter Writing”. He explains the essential parts of a newsletter, its purpose and its importance in spreading information to the mass media. In addition to, he also gives emphasis on teaching participants how to make headlines and lead for news articles with considerations also on the mechanics in news article writing. Not only that, Mr. Boglosa conducts writing activities to evaluate each participant’s performance if they develop the skill and learn something from the workshop. Since, the first work session is to be made this weekend, he tells the Pingsters about the Statement of Duties for each member from the Editor-in-Chief, Photojournalists, and Cartoonists to Layout Artists.

To wrap up the seminar-workshop, everybody participates in the pictorial for documentation. The most enjoying part of the event is the awarding of prizes for early bird (Mercy Nadayag) and Most Participative (Lovely Ann Carreon, Quennie Tan, Shene Ann Velez and Nordin Sarip).

The event ends very successfully. All Pingsters gain new knowledge and develop skill in creative and technical writing. They are now ready for their upcoming 8-week work session and very excited to perform their duties for the making of the publication to be released in the middle part of February of next year.