Miss ICI Kapatagan Pageant Night


The last day of Palakasan, the end of the series tiresome days yet the most  awaited and coveted night for everyone for it is the declaration of the OVERALL CHAMPION. It is also the big day for our 8 lovely candidates for the Ms. ICI Kapatagan 2013. The pageant night formally started at exactly 5:30 pm and was hosted by Mr. Jeffrey C. Flores.

The pageant was comprised of 4 exposures, first on line was the Sports Attire, and next is the Jeans followed by the Featuristic Attire and then the Creative Long Gown. The candidates showcase the beauty, elegance and splendor as they took the stage in every exposure.

In between pauses of every exposure was the awarding of minor awards to the deserving candidates. Then the most awaited portion which is the Preliminary Interview came, you can see the candidates still smiling though fear was too obvious, they were really trying so hard to conquer the tension from springing into their present state.

Next up was the announcement of the Top 5 finalist. The top 5 was composed of 2 lovely ladies representing the Engineering Department, another 2 from the HRM Department and luckily 1 from the Multimedia Department. This time candidates took center stage for the final interview.

After the long wait, the proclamation of the newly crowned Ms. ICI Kapatagan 2013 took place.Again it is from the undefeated Vigorous Plum phoenix of the HRM Department proudly soared their way.

Written by: Ping Kapatagan