The ICI-Kapatagan Literary Contests

Last September 12, 2013, the Literary Events took place on the second day of Palakasan. This event involves students who are bright in different literary genres and have vast knowledge of anything related to the given topics. The first literary event was the Exteqbmporaneous Speech in which the Audacious Green Deathstalker team member Mae Ann Dumape got the first place discussing about Pork Barrel. The Essay Writing Contest was simultaneously held where the Blazing Blue Dragons team member and our very own Ping News Writer, Miss Gynhel Arceo, tackled on why college days are the best days of unleashing the power within. The last but the best contest was the Quiz Bowl where the given questions are related to the recent activities and news inside and outside the country. Francisco Macansantos III and Renziel Murillon of Blazing Blue Dragons won the quiz show. The events ended with enjoyment and the winners got themselves victorious smiles and laughter.