Student Life

Holistic Growth

At ICI, we aim to nurture the holistic growth of our students with activities that further develop their skills and promote healthy camaraderie within the student body.

Well-Rounded Individuals

Our students are well-rounded individuals that thrive inside and outside the classroom.

We want our students to excel not only in their academic pursuits but also in their personal goals. ICI encourages its students to explore their interests and discover their passions through various clubs.

We believe that cultivating an environment where students learn in multiple ways aids them in becoming empowered adults.

Extracurriculars for Students

Our students get to participate in several extracurricular activities throughout the school year.

Acquaintance Party

ICI welcomes the school year through its Acquaintance Party. Students get to enjoy a night of performances, music, and dancing.

Student Government Elections

Students get to exercise their right to vote as constituents of ICI. The elections also give students the opportunity to hone their leadership skills.


A variety of clubs are available to students so that they can pursue their interests and uncover their passions outside their classes.

Skills Olympics

The biggest event of the school year where students showcase their skills through different competitions.

Student Life at ICI