Student Body Organization and The Ping Moderators Partake the EQUIP’s Million Leaders Mandate Conference

One of the world’s dynamic leadership organizations: EQUIP, organizes a Million Leaders Mandate Conference for religious and business leaders on January 26-27, 2012 at Cinema 4, Limketkai Center, Cagayan De Oro City. The event is organized by a group of Christian leaders in that place. The president and CEO of EQUIP, Dr. John D. Hull, Equip Board Member and AT, Steve Miller and Pastor Batbold from Mongolia are the ones who visit the Philippines especially Mindanao to conduct the leadership conference. The training for leadership trainers is the culmination of the EQUIP’s founder, Dr. John C. Maxwell’s leadership passion and dreams. The purpose of the event is to stir and mobilize leaders as to the importance of raising up a new generation of leaders in Christian and business worlds.

Over a thousand of participants come from different places in Mindanao and across the Philippines. Two of the most dynamic advisers of ICI’s student organizations, Mrs. Lovely L. Monte (SBO) and Mr. Sean B. Boglosa (The Ping) join the said two-day leadership training. Since, these two faculty are the ones who handle student’s organizations, the lessons that they learn in the training will be used to resource, encourage and train student leaders or future student leaders in their organizations.

According to Mr. Boglosa, the training centers on the understanding of the Principles and Laws of Leadership and some thoughts on the Laws of Teamwork and Stewardship. In fact, the team provides the participants with instructional materials like notebooks from volume 1 to 3 and powerpoint presentations in CDs. Based on the notebook collections, the lessons focus on the principles of leadership like the laws of respect, intuition, magnetism, connection and chain. The good thing about the lessons is that they are associated with biblical version of the classic leadership teachings. In addition to, the resource speakers also discuss about the techniques on how to develop leaders in a small and large group settings.

EQUIP believes that the leadership training for trainers is a vehicle to develop and train leaders especially in building character, competence and chemistry. Also, the training materials are taught somewhere on the planet through hundreds of conferences, small group settings and mentoring relationships.

According to ICI’s AVP, Mrs. Joy Real D. Jala , the leadership training of Mr. Boglosa and Mrs. Monte will be imparted by them to the faculty and staff this coming summer break. Besides, there will be another leadership conference in the next six months and the organization is looking forward for more participants to be sent this time. The management hopes that this training will help people in the organization as leaders whom have been impacted to make a difference in lives of the people that they lead like the students better.