SBO Held Peer Counseling Sessions, PINGsters in Attendance

The Student Body Organization of ICI-CDO held their Peer Counseling Workshop last November 8, 2011. Members of The PING were invited to witness the said event.

The workshop was conducted in order to prepare the SBO members for their Peer Counseling sessions with the purpose of helping students who may have difficulty dealing with certain problems. The student counselors serve as resident shrinks and listen to whatever is on the student's mind and attempt to help the student solve his/her problem. Moreover, the counselors lend an ear for the students to address their concerns, and serve as an outlet for them to speak their minds about things to others which they cannot do otherwise.

Mrs. Hilda L. Camomot served as the resource speaker for the program, which was also attended by a few  other members of the faculty and staff, including the SBO adviser, Mr. Josua A. Saring, who spearheaded the workshop.

During the discussion it was emphasized that the workshop’s objective is to help the counselors develop themselves so they would become guideposts for the students who would approach them, seeking advice. This was the main goal throughout the meeting and the SBO officers played an active role in discussing the attitudes necessary for a student counselor. Tips were also given in order to improve the counselor's skills with listening and interacting with others and to instill self-esteem, proper conduct and trustworthiness for them to become good role models for the rest of the student community. There were also guidelines for the counselors for when they actually hold their sessions with the students. Open-mindedness, trustworthiness, honesty and self-confidence were a few recurring themes throughout the workshop, as most of the topics tackled revolved mainly arousnd these characteristics. Both SBO and the PING members learned valuable lessons during the meeting from which they may benefit greatly from in the future.