Say Goodbye to First Sem; Say Hello to Second Sem!

The first semester was truly a remarkable experience for all ICI-CDO students, faculty and staff. Those memories were proofs that the first semester left footprints in the hearts of every ICIan.  After all, who can forget the tears, laughters and victory from Acquaintance Party to Palakasan and all the different experiences happened in the first semester? No one does. All of them may be over, but it’s not the end because the school is just around the corner and the students are put off preparing for the upcoming second semester.

The enrollment for the second semester here in ICI-CDO is ongoing. Many returnees are showing themselves already as well as the new ones. As of now, the number of students has increased to 500 as compared to the first semester which is 400 students. This means that there will be more fun and a lot of activities will be conducted for them this second semester.

Second Semester provides new and returning students with a larger set of tools and in-depth lessons designed to encourage the creation of more complex learning and also more extracurricular activities and new organizations for them to indulge with . The Christmas Party is one of the activities that students must expect. Also, the birth of the new school organizations that are perfect to mention like  the Multimedia Arts Club, Writers Club, Sports Club are created to develop students’ creative skills and personality.  The existing clubs such as the Music Guild, Information Technology Club, Computer Hardware Servicing Club and Dance Troupe are made to give students a chance to train them to become confident ICI’ans and well-equipped with needed competencies.  With the help of our dynamic Academic Head,  Ms. Meriam A. Mejias, faculty and staff , the active PINGsters and Student Body Organization Officers, there is more to look forward to in the second semester than ever before.

So what are you waiting for ICI’ans? Say good bye to the first sem and say hello to second sem!

And, to all freshmen students, we welcome you to ICI!