Reaching New Heights – ICI Mountaineers Conquered Mount Agad Agad

ICI-Iligan’s newly formed club, the ICI Mountaineers conquered Mount Agad Agad last August 18, 2012 at Barangay Pugaan, Iligan City. Members of the said club which was mostly comprised of students from different departments came to take part in the activity. ICI Iligan and ICI Kapatagan staff members, as well as WebX team members also showed up to show their support for the club. ICI President, Mr. Ladislao Tabanao Jr. together with his family organized the activity to explore the well-known mountain and let everyone achieve overall wellness.

At exactly 3 in the afternoon, participants took a short hike from the starting point to reach the base of the mountain. It proved to be an already challenging task as they felt a shortness of breath and sweating. After reaching the base, they had a short rest at the old waiting shed. They took group pictures and filled their water containers in preparation for the challenging ascent. When everyone got their well-deserved rest, few participants began climbing the mountain which was pretty much steep for most climbers. Slowly and carefully, each participant made their way through thick mounds and jagged rocks. At 6 in the evening, the participants reached the crest and began setting-up their tents. Everyone felt glad because their hard work paid off. They were amazed as the beautiful city lights of Iligan were visible in front of them.

A few minutes later, Sir Ladi invited everyone to join him at the Station 2 of the mountain where he and his friends from MSU-IIT prepared a delicious meal. Some students played music using guitars which made the ambience entertaining and more relaxing. Others shared stories about their difficulties during the 1 hour climb. After a few hours of fun, laughter and leisure time, everyone went to their respective tents to spend the rest of the night.

In the morning, few participants descended the mountain in advance. Some waited a few hours before descending. It was relatively easy going down the mountain and after a few minutes, they reached the base of the mountain. From there, it was an easy hike to the starting point. The whole mountaineering activity ended with great smiles and laughter. It was a memorable experience for everyone who participated. Members of ICI Mountaineers plan to have another climb this September 1 and they are hoping that more participants join them.