Pingsters Seminar Training: “Love To Write”


All Pingsters from ICI Iligan, ICI Bugo, ICI Kapatagan were united to its one-day training seminar with this year’s theme “Love to Write” at HM Lab-Annex 2, ICI Iligan, Saturday (8/23/14).


The seminar started with a prayer led by Ma’am Beve [ICI Ping Adviser].  This was followed with National Anthem, Introduction, and ‘Get to know activity.’  It was a great start for the Pingsters to work it out for this school year.


The Basic English – Why we use English Language?  The first topic was conducted by Ma’am Beve. This topic helped the Pingsters be aware that American English Language is an official language of the Philippines. As Filipinos and as writers it is an opportunity for us to know the language and use the English language properly.  To find out if they’ve learn from this topic, Ma’am Beve included an activity to test their learning skills.


Since the seminar started a little later waiting for the Kapatagan Pingsters, a working session was implemented.  This is to allow the participants to listen the topic while enjoying their coffee.  It was in the afternoon sessions that everyone was able to really mingle, chat and take pictures during the break.


Games in the afternoon were still related to word games.  This was to inculcate the English language in their communicating strategies.


The theme “Love to Write” also included the major part in writing, “News and Feature writing – what’s the difference?  Journalism is done in two categories:  News and Feature.  Pingsters need to know how to write hard News with the basic tools in presenting facts.  Additionally, they also need to know that with some facts and playing with the language in honing the person or event is feature writing.


The last topic was “School News Writing and Ethics”.  This was conducted by Mike Maestrado of ICI-CDO.  Importantly, Pingsters need to realize that the school paper is owned by them.  The Ping is supposed to be run by them.  How the school paper be composed of, written of, and how it reflect the student in the campus were presented so that they have an in depth understanding of the publication.


Finally the forum was opened for all Pingsters to share their comments and opinions about the training and how they would be able to help enhance, improve or overhaul the Ping Publication to its best advantage.


WELL! The seminar training ended successfully! It leaves nothing but a memorable sense of trust in friendship among themselves.  The friendship was formed having “The Ping” as the center of their goal.