New Faces of ICI-Iligan Ping 2K18


  L to R: Angelic, Dina, Rosemalyn, Ava, Gina, Kim, Hazel


Reach for the higher ground, every day, in every decision. Big and small, our choices add up to the new life we live. Be someone who encourages and uplifts. Share your story. Trust in what you feel. Follow your heart. Live the dream in you. Then you inspire someone else to live on their higher ground.

For this year, we encourage the students of ICI to share their story with PING, the ICI Official Publication.  But before we published it we let them know and have a permission to post in our page to the Humans of ICI, then we post them in the PING Bulletin Board. PING also covers ICI-related events and makes write-ups both News and Features. For the students, PING Publication is our venue where we can share our aspirations, inspirations, or even our efforts and struggles in school life.  Ping hears and publishes your stories.

Being chosen as one of the PING in this school, it is such a wonderful privilege and honour together with my Co-Pingsters enticing this Organization. For our PING Adviser, Ma’am Bevs Kintanar thank you for inviting us to be part of the PING Publication, but then we are so thankful and we would like to express our gratitude for helping and supporting us.  You always inspire us and patiently waiting, you never leave unfulfilled on us, that’s how we feel your love for us. We love you Ma’am Bevs Kintanar.  With my gorgeous Co-Pingsters they are: Gina Archibal (Senior Ping Member), Rose Malyn Migabon, Kimberly Sator, Dina Aser, Angelic Coraza, Hazel Laurente, and yours truly Ava Buitoni Chiong. Hope you enjoy reading.


by: Ava Chiong

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