Mr. and Ms. ICI-Iligan 2014



By:  Aj Isubal, Editor-in-chief

The most awaited moment for Palakasan is the Mr. and Ms. ICI 2014; this was held at Maro’s Cocina, October 3, 2014. The crowd was so excited that the enthusiastic feeling was felt by everyone. Everybody was having goose bumps because the intense feeling was in the air.  When the candidates appeared on stage, the whole crowd stood up on their chairs and shouted. It was very wonderful when candidates showed their talents on how they can get the attention of the whole audience and judges. Every department supported their candidates. Every exposure proved on how they handled each perspective must. The candidates showed their formal attires, worn the best suits for uniforms and gowns too; taking every step very carefully while maintaining eye to eye contact with judges and audiences. And the time has come for the most intense moment: the “Question and Answer” portion. The candidates seemed too nervous as they even stuttered with their answers, repeated most of the answers.  Even one of the candidates has difficulty in answering and was caught with time. Anyhow, every candidate received their individual prizes. And hence, the winners were the Red Hot Vipers! Last year’s winners passed their crowns to the new champion.

Surely, it was as unforgettable moment for everyone, even though there are many bashes and comments for the candidates; but, still what it takes is the price was awarded to a seemingly deserving winner.

Congratulations for the new Mr. and Ms. ICI 2014 and for the over-all champion department.  Accept our heartfelt greeting from all ICI staffs, faculty members, SBO and PINGSTERS.