More bacon from ALTI Skills Olympics 2013


A.L.T.I. (Association of Lanao Technical Institutions, Incorporated) Skills Olympics producing the global workforce and aim to showcase the students, trainees, graduates’ competencies in various fields of training all around the province of Lanao del Norte.  Qualifications from Tourism to Health Care, Automotive Servicing, Electrical Installation and Maintenance, Hardware Servicing, and Bookkeeping were included in the competition. This was held in St. Peter’s College last September 23, 2013.

There were different Tech-Voc institutions participated in the said event.  ICI-Iligan has participated and gained awards in different categories: 3rd place for Fine Dining with Dessa Mariz del Puerto, Web Design with Lot Anthony Javier; 2nd place for Bookkeeping with Rozzini Champagne T. Aberilla; 5 champions in Bartending with Keffin C. Alibangbang;  Cookery with Carlito Gomolon Jr., John Paul Gerona & Elched Madridano; Table Napkin Folding with Jeffrey E. dela Cruz; Programming with Lizzie Lorrain Dimasuhid; and Web Design category with Kert Kevin Guadiano. Both participants and coaches did a competitive match with other school-participants. The whole ICI students, staff and teachers were so proud for everyone who brought forth more bacon in the name of ICI in this contest!


Written By: Jo Dianne Tejano Niez