iDEYABREW visited ICI-Iligan



                                                              iDEYA workshop


On August 28, 2017, the iDEYABREW of MSU-IIT visited Iligan Computer Institute to conduct a team building training among the selected students in the school. The selected participants were from PING Publication members, GILAS Council, Math-Sci Club, Filipino Club and MSA or the Muslim Students Association in the school.  This was held in ICI Main Lecture Room.

iDEYA is the center of Innovation and Technopreneurship.  It is a design thinking and design sprint workshop that aims to help participants identify and discover a potential problem from their environment whereby can be transformed into an idea of opportunity which can be developed in becoming a potential startup company in the future.  In iDEYABREW, participants are exposed to the different problem- solving stages, from empathy and deep human understanding to concept visualization to strategic business design, until the final formulation of a solution.

The workshop started with the introduction of startup, a starting point for TECHNOPRENEURS which means Technology Entrepreneurs. The team building excites students because there were a lot of games and group activities. There were also prototype making contest and presenting of pitch about the startup each group had made. The workshop ended with the awarding and picture-taking of the students and the speakers.


by: Hazel M. Laurente