ICI to Conduct Palakasan 2011

One of ICI’s most anticipated school events of the year is days within reach. ICI will conduct its Palakasan 2011 this October 5-7, 2011 at Miguel Sheker Children’s Park, Baranggay San Miguel, Iligan City. Although it had some setbacks, the management is eager to make this event happen and students are still excited to participate and gain new experiences on this day . The executive committee is comprised of ICI’s very own Student Body Organization (SBO) and The Ping Organization who will aid their most-needed services for the success of this event.

The goals of the palakasan are to give students a great time while enjoying themselves in playing different sports, mingle with friends and schoolmates, show camaraderie and be entertained during the cultural night. This also gives students the opportunity to stand out among others and show their hidden talents. Three days of non-stop action and games await everyone.

Never miss this chance to part of this glorious event. So, let’s all play hard and have fun.