ICI Palakasan 2011: Day 2

The second day of Palakasan has something new to offer. Competitions like puzzle games and chess competition encouraged many participants to join as well as mingle with other ICI’ans. This time, an increased number of students sign their names for attendance.

Sport events such as basketball and volleyball competition are still played with every department competing to play for the championship. Fun games such as patintero and tug of war are continuously played with the male and female category.

ICI Student Body Organization (SBO) and The Ping members continue to offer their services by officiating games and preparing the place for everyone. Indeed a good training for them to enhance their leadership skills and show to everyone that they are an active and competitive part of the institution.

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After a whole of day games, cheers and laughs, day 2 ended with everyone excited for the next day because championship games will be played and the most-awaited cultural night is at hand.