ICI Palakasan 2011: Day 1

Palakasan 2011’s first day boasts with a great start with its motorcade around the city. Headed by the executive committee, every ICI’an rushes to the vehicles of their respective departments. Bearing great smiles, they place their department logos printed in tarpaulin in front of the vehicles with excitement and go for a joy ride with their classmates, close friends and teachers. The whole motorcade began from Diocesan Centrum Building, going around Sabayle street, passing central market, all the way to Tibanga Highway and ended at Miguel Sheker Children’s Park at Baranggay San Miguel, Iligan City where a program is prepared for the event.

The park is already crowded with students, spectators and participants, ready to give their very best. Every student signs their names on the forms provided by members of The Ping. The opening ceremony is headed by Mrs. Ethel Luz Medado who greeted everyone with a cheerful hello. Afterwards, loud cheers echo around the place as the candidates of Mr. and Ms. ICI 2011 introduce themselves one by one. Then, they amaze the crowd with their dance moves as a teaser for the upcoming cultural night wherein one of them could be crowned as Mr. and Ms. ICI this September 7, 2011.

Moments after, students gather around the place to watch the Paindigay, a pop-dance competition for different ICI departments. Each group shows their exceptional way of dancing that made the opening ceremony much more interesting. After a few minutes of non-stop entertainment, the Vicious Green Bulldogs of the Multimedia Department emerge victorious, earning glory as well as points for the series of competition for the next few days of the palakasan and hopefully become overall champion this year.

At exactly 1 pm, sports activities and local games are announced to everyone. Sports like basketball and volleyball are played by representatives from different departments. On the other hand, fun games are simply played by anyone belonging on the same department without any pre-listing. Games like patintero, tug of war and sack race are enjoyed by both participants and spectators. Winners are then announced after each game.

Juuri joku kirjoitti, että oli ollut leikkauksessa, mutta eivät silti saaneet kaikkea pois, nyt on sitten sädehoidossa. Myöskään linkit eivät ole tätä verkkoa sallittuja, koska ylläpidolla ei ole resursseja tarkistella niiden alkuperää.

The day 1 of palakasan ended nicely, bringing with it brand new experiences. Everyone packs their stuff, say their goodbyes and prepare for the next day.