ICI Launched its New OLSAT System

The Otis-Lennon School Ability Test (OLSAT) is designed as a group assessment measuring certain cognitive skills deemed important for successful learning.   These skills are higher order reasoning skills involving analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.  The skills permit student learners to better understand the content they are learning, to better recall what they understand and to be more logical. The OLSAT is used to identify students in need of special services within the school system, such as identifying students eligibility to receive gifted and talented programming.

As part of the Guidance Testing Service, the school launched its new OLSAT System for easy administration of the ability test for its students unlike the traditional manual procedure. One of ICI’s alumni and a graduate of I.T course, Mr. Ringo Dan V. Lapaceros developed the system. It was his special project along with his two classmates during their undergraduate studies. He said that he did most of the job that required long hours of manual coding and analysis.

The whole project was completed since July of this year and it took few months before it passed the quality assurance . He used PHP scripting language and Java Script so that he can connect users to a database containing data of the test.

To use the system, a user must log in using either the admin or the student account. To interact with it, a user must click a few buttons with corresponding choices in answering the test questions. Answers are compared to the information stored in its database to check if it matches and the results are automatically interpreted.

Through this, more students will be accommodated and expected to take the OLSAT because it is fast, convenient and user friendly.