ICI Iligan students attended PerDev Seminar 2016


It was a 3-hour seminar for Personality Development that was attended by the regular ICT student of ICI, held at Annex 3 on October 22, 2016 and facilitated by Ma’am Beves Kintanar. The seminar was somehow a bit of revelations for each and every one who was present that day.  The activities were very interesting and of course it made everyone alive and to participate.  The discussion was all about the kind of Personalities we portray and possessed, and how we differ from each other.  We also learned that there are several factors that could affect our Personalities and of course it shows of how we interact with people day by day.  It became an interesting topic not because it was to be talked about hearing some personal issues and topics of others, but a learning to be appreciated and understand the individuality of each person; it helps us to know more of who we really are.    “The better we know ourselves, the less critical we are to others” Mam Beves stressed.  There is lots of knowledge that we can be used for the rest of our life, but to know more of once self is the key for happiness and to have a peaceful life. And by that “Knowledge is Power”- Sir Ernie Baron.


By: Jessamaeojales