ICI-Iligan SBO Conducts Students’ Choice Award Voting for Best Educator

“Teaching is a profession that teaches all the other professions”. A profession which has the worst paid but the best rewarded vocation. To recognize the good performance and honor the faculty of ICI-Iligan for their hard work and dedication in teaching, the Student Body Organization (SBO) is conducting a Students’ Choice Award voting to Instructors from six departments namely; Engineering, Multimedia, Healthcare, HRM, Programming and Related Subjects Department. Who will be the chosen teacher as the best educator and best mentor in each department based on the votes they gain from the students will be awarded and recognized.

SBO Officers are roaming around ICI premises to let the students cast their votes through a voting slip. Voting begins from February 27 until March 2, 2012.

So don’t hesitate to participate. Show how much you value your instructor thru voting wisely!