ICI-Iligan SBO and MSA Officers Actively Participate the Effective Events Organizing and Management Seminar

For this upcoming ICI Palakasan 2011, the working committee along with ICI’s Student Body Organization (SBO) and ICI Muslim Students Association (MSA) Officers participate in a Seminar on Effective Events Organizing and Management and Developing Initiative, Communication and Critical Thinking Skills last August 5, 2011 at ICI Annex 1, Room TD 1 from 9 am to 12 noon.

The purpose of this activity is to give orientation and insights for the SBO and MSA officers about the proper and systematic handling of events and to prepare them fully-packed with great values and skills on initiative, good communication and critical-thinking skills to be used especially in the upcoming annual school event this September 5-9, 2011. The whole event will be conducted following standard procedures from planning to the commencement of the event itself.

The Editor in Chief of ICI’s Official Publication, “The Ping”, Mr. Arbil D. Ocutare, formally starts the program and requests everyone to stand for the Invocation and the singing of the Philippine National Anthem. As the emcee for the said event, he introduces ICI’s Academic Head, Mr. Jefferson B. Obial to give the opening remarks. A round of applause then echoes around the room as he stands in front of them, welcomes them and explains the purpose of the said event.

Moments later, the appointed Chairman of Palakasan 2011, Mr. Sean B. Boglosa greets everyone with a cheerful hello as the emcee introduces him as the first speaker for the seminar. He shares his insights as well as his knowledge in handling school-related events. Along with this, he also shows everyone a powerpoint presentation containing the detailed examples of different events may it be business-related or simply personal. His topic also deals with the essential parts of planning an event. He also states the 4 phases of organizing an event that includes the initiation-conceptualization, planning-budgeting, execution-implementation and close out-post evaluation. He stressed out how an event can come into actualization from planning, staging and management of an event with the right strategy and cooperation from everyone.

Afterwards, Mr. Jefferson B. Obial takes his turn as the second speaker to further educate everyone on the values and attitudes necessary for the success of the upcoming event. He explains the 3 important values and skills an event working person may posses such as initiative, good communication and critical –thinking skills. One of the seminar facilitators, Ms. Mary Dhen P. Banday serves delicious lunch for everyone while they watch a documentary video from Mr. Obial’s presentation that portrays cooperation and unity among people from different walks of life. After this, the second speaker then explains the value of the video and encourages everyone especially the SBO and MSA members to help one another and unite as one in working with their given tasks.

Certificates are given to the participants and they then take group pictures. The whole seminar ends successfully with new knowledge and values instilled in everyone’s mind.