ICI-Iligan PALAKASAN 2K16 – “Cultural Night”


One of the most exciting and enjoyable event in “ICI –Iligan Palakasan” has come, when students were able to showcase their abilities, skills and talents through sports, games and competing through singing and dancing.

ICI Iligan celebrated its Plakasan 2k16 with a theme, “Creating Connections, Building Bridges” on October 12, 13, 14 and 15, 2016.  The 1st, 2nd and 3rd day was held at Tibanga Gymnasium, Santiago, Iligan City.  The 4th day was held at Iligan Capitol College, 2pm to 9pm.  Cooperated by the faculty and staff together with the SBO officers, the event was made possible.

Everybody was excited and ready to cheer for their department’s representatives.  The Cultural night was a competition of different categories.  The earlier competition was the Vocal trio and Acoustic jam.  Soon the most awaited and the highlight of the Palakasan was the search for Mr. and Ms. ICI 2016.  Everyone was ready to cheer and full of excitement.  The order of presentation:  Vicious Green Bulldogs, Red Vipers, Blue Direwolves and the Legendary Golden Dragons.   The Candidates’ Production Number initiated the ignition of the audience.

Alternately, there was Paindigay Dance contest of Green Bulldogs, Red Vipers, Blue Direwolves and Legendary Golden Dragons.  Everybody got wild, cheering and shouting.   This was followed by the Black and White Collections of the candidates.  Next was for the Walking Shorts and Cocktail Attire of the candidates.  After that the Wanna Be contest started.   Finally, the Formal and Long Gown by the Mr. and Ms. ICI 2016 candidate embellished the stage.

With the previous activities, the minor awards were given.  The most exciting part of the Mr. and Ms. ICI 2k16 competition was the Q & A portion.   The contestants were doing their very best in answering the questions to make their department proud.  The deserving title holders for the Mr. and Ms. ICI went to Mr. Sean Vance Trugello (Red Vipers) and Ms. Cathyrine Llido (Legendary Golden Dragons).

The awarding of winners of the different categories in Sports, Singing and Dancing was given with all the loud noise from the different camp.   With all their strength, efforts and teamwork, the Blue Direwolves prevailed.   They owned the night as awarded the Over al champion of the Palakasan year 2K16.

Despite the feeling of having low energy and being tired from doing the responsibilities and participating in every activities, still everyone enjoyed the Palakasan event.  No regrets, no one deserves to be called a loser, because joining the event and be part of it is already a winner.  No efforts have been wasted, it’s all worth it.


By:  Gina Archival