ICI Iligan OM PerDev Culmination 2016


The fourth Module, everyone in our class had this kind of assumptions about Perdev module; well some are positives and some are not.  For us it was just our kind of feeling, but nothing was exact.  As we heard from the oldies that it was fun and some even said that it was crazy; our curiosity increased.  It was a 20-day sessions, and each day was jam packed learning.  As I can vividly remember when our first day activity was all about to draw our own image in a clean paper and put our own signature on it.  As if like we are professional artist but in the end it was the opposite, we can’t even recognized our own selves in the drawing.  The lesson was, even the most known artist, most popular, most renowned, can’t even draw their selves.  But how easy for them to draw others and that’s a fact.  Anyway our lectures and discussions each day gotten to be more interesting, it seemed like a roller coaster ride, we never had any idea what comes next, but surely something was changing within ourselves.   As the day passed, all the exciting activities were done.

The next challenged was the culmination day and our prepared speech.  Everyone wanted it to be perfect, and we were given a week to practice and memorized everything.  The most awaited nerve wracking day has arrived; women and men were all in their corporate attires.  Everyone was all looking great.

In the program, each speaker has delivered their speech.   At the end, Mr. Thom Emerson Palahang got the award for Best in Corporate attire, Ms. Rosemalyn Migabon as the best speaker and Mr. Abdul Fatah Madale for being the Eye catcher of the night.   And what else could be the right way to end the night, a song of gratitude for each and every one who made that night successful, from the regular students of Office management, to our guest Ms. Marjorie and Sir Jerrum and to our ever dedicated and ever gorgeous Ma’am Beves Kintanar, “Thank you!”


By: jessamaeojales