ICI-Iligan joins Friendship Game

baminton (1)


A friendship game of vocational schools was held at Luga-it Tesda Gym on Wednesday, September 10, 2014.  ICI Iligan was one of the invited vocational school for the “Friendship Game.” I, with the ICI faculty staffs and instructors played badminton. The event also included different competitions in dancing, singing, table tennis, and volleyball. During the badminton game, we play mix doubles.  It was a tremendous game, showing different trick shots between players.  We also played with other student players; playing with great smash shots, smart tricks manipulating the shuttlecock in the court.

It was full of fun but tiring game knowing that there was no price to be given to the winners; after all it was just a mere “Friendship Game”, so to say.  It was indeed, a memorable one that sealed in the hearts of the players.  We hope a lot of student, faculty staffs of different schools have joined with us.

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By: Aj Isubal