The belief that you can have a meaningful career is the first step to finding one”

-Sean Aiken

-As the statement goes, Career based on its definition and etymology is a course of progress through life and is understood to relate to a range of aspects of an individual’s life learning and work.

Friday, July 29, 2016 ICI-Iligan joined the Iligan City National High School Career Guidance Week Celebration with the ever energetic ICI staff and faculty  together with the SBO Officers. The day started with a cloudy weather, but the outpouring attendance of ICNHS students were so warm and full of enthusiasm, even though they were divided by sections each year level and given only 30 minutes of their spare time to be in the school gym where the career extravaganza was held. The great height of interest by young students of ICNHS, most especially the grade 10 students, fired up the energy and motivation of ICI faculty and staff to exert more efforts from their usual.

The HRS Department showcased their master in flaring, Bartending for the mix drinks refreshments, cakes and cupcakes making, and with crepe preparation with caramelized banana for all.  IT/Engineering department brought their electrical, computer equipment and as well as the big television monitor to give a visual demonstration of how it will be in ICI.  It was an effective way of getting the attentions and interests of most students who were present that day. The Allied Healthcare Services facilitated in taking the students’ BP and have a personal interaction to those who are still undecided.


Here are some reasons of ICNHS Students like ICI over the other institutions:

  • The students like the HRS department female uniforms.
  • The students have heard good feedback about ICI and its management.
  • The students have relatives that is already enrolled/ graduated from ICI.
  • There are varieties of program/courses offered by ICI that are so exciting.

Mr. Gleno Dumlao, ICNHS School teacher, was asked:  What is your side in letting other institution like ICI promote their Senior High School Program when you have the same program in your own school? He replied: “The ICNHS is giving the Students the free chance to choose their own future school. The School is open minded and not being an authoritarian to anyone.  ICNHS is giving a fair competition to all institutions that is available”.

by: Jessa Mae Ojales