ICI-Iligan conducts “Safety First” (Seminar 1)


By:  Novelyn Mae O. Sanchez

Last November 28, 2014 at ICI-Iligan HRMLec room, Practice Occupation Health and Safety procedures (seminar 1) was held and ended successfully. There were a total of 51 participants mostly freshmen students. The seminar talks about how to promote environment protection and how to be prepared and to be calm when an untoward incident happened.  With the help of the most respectful and knowledgeable guest speakers from Bureau of Fire Department and a Healthcare instructor, the students opened and learned how to make their self safe and how to help when someone in case of emergency. The participants were enjoying the activities as instructors asked them question from time to time to check whether they are learning some things.   They are not just learning but also having fun in meeting new friends.

As a student, we should be aware about how to be safe and how to promote and protect our environment.  During an interview after the seminar, one freshman stated, “I am lucky to have this kind of seminar”.  ICI students are very thankful for having this kind of seminar because it’s very helpful and they know that they can apply it in their day to day living.  It’s a pleasure for us students here in ICI to participate to this kind of event. This kind of seminar opens our eyes and minds to face the reality that in every place there would be danger, and that we should be ready.

Safety is the most important thing that we can give to our self. This seminar is all about how to be ready, be calm and do the right things when an emergency occurs.