ICI-Iligan Conducts 15th Commencement Exercises

ICI recently conducts its 15th Commencement Exercises with the theme “ICI @ 15: Bridging the Skills Gap” at MSU-IIT Gymnasium last April 21, 2012.

The event has two parts, the Ecumenical Celebration and the Commencement Exercises. The Master of the Ceremony, Mr. Sean B. Boglosa welcomes everyone with a short and cheerful greeting. Parents and graduates alike gather as the event is about to start. The Graduating Class with their parents, ICI-Iligan and ICI-CDO faculty and staff, administrative officials, guests and religious leaders march towards the red carpet with the school’s president, Mr. Ladislao C. Tabanao Jr., leading the way for the processional.

The event formally begins with a soothing doxology song from the St. Cecilia Choir, who leads the invocation. ICI-Iligan Academic Head, Mr. Jefferson B. Obial instantaneously introduces the Muslim and Christian religious leaders, Imam Alimkhair Hanafi and Rev. Enrique B. Belmonte. Both of them give their prayer of thanks and inspiring messages for the graduates. Imam Hanafi gives a short and meaningful Arabic prayer.  Rev. Belmonte imparts his message of peace and hope and for the well-being of the graduates. He tells a short story of his past experiences and how he managed to be successful in life to serve as a guide for the graduates in their plans for the future. He also taught everyone about never giving up their dream with his four points that explain why anyone should not give up dreaming for a better future. Consequently, certificates and medals are given to the two religious leaders as a token of thanks and heartfelt appreciation for the prayers and messages each one of them gave.

Thereafter, the graduates sing the chosen Ecumenical Song entitled “Little Wonders” performed by Rob Thomas. Recessional then follows with the religious leaders, guests, administrators and program heads.

Another processional takes place with the Colours, Administrators, TESDA Representative, Commencement Speaker and Guests. The singing of the Philippine National Anthem follows accompanied by the St. Cecilia Choir. Shortly afterwards, Mr. Tabanao Jr., welcomes everyone. With much appreciation and respect, he greets everyone with a simple hello and smile and then shares to everyone a short yet inspiring message.  His better-half and also the Vice President for Research and Extension, Mrs. Emily S. Tabanao, MSCS takes over the stage to introduce the guest speaker for the said event, Dr. Eusebio G. Aguanta.  He presents himself with confidence and a humbling smile. He states that one must make use of his or her skills and tells everyone to believe in themselves, pursue and follow their dreams.

Graduates attentively listen to him as he explains each word’s meaning and understanding. He also shares his past experiences and his struggles, perseverance and determination that later on turned into success and achievement that resulted to what he is now-a successful professional.

After his speech, a plaque and token of appreciation is given to him by Mrs. Tabanao for his exceptional and inspiring message not just for the graduates but for everyone.

Then, the presentation of graduating class follows headed by the school’s registrar Ms. Thesia Michelle M. Siozon. Subsequently, Mr. Ladislao C. Tabanao Jr. performs the acceptance and declaration of the graduates. The number of candidates for graduation and their respective courses are as follows:

Practical Nursing 1 (Healthcare Services NC II) -18

Caregiving NC II -38

Diploma in Computer Engineering Technology-19

Computer Hardware Servicing -56

Diploma in Information Technology -21

Computer Programming -3

Digital Media Arts -16

Computer Secretarial -32

Visual Graphic Design -54

Distribution of certificates, academic and special awards are given by each department head. The Assistant to the Academic Head, Ms. Arra Mie D. Asilo also recognizes CAC and Institutional Exam passers.

One of the HRM department students, Ms. Joana M. Mimbisa reaps special awards like Outstanding in Food and Beverage Servicing as well as Culinary Chefs of the Year, and acquires the most-coveted Valedictorian title. She then takes over the stage and delivers her valedictory address. With great emotion, she gives her most heartfelt thanks to her parents, instructors and fellow students for the love, appreciation and support that was shown to her. She also inspires her fellow graduates to attain success, never stop learning and never give up amidst all hindrance and obstacles along their way to success.

Consequently, the Pledge of Loyalty is delivered by the Class Salutatorian Ms. Shela G. To-ong from the Multimedia Department. Afterwards, the graduates show excitement as the singing of the graduation song entitled “Firework” performed by Katy Perry follows. The graduates cheerfully sing their class song with joy in their hearts. Lastly, the school’s Assistant to the Vice President Mrs. Joy Real D. Jala ends the event with a closing remark that everyone anticipated of.

After all the preparations and hard work, the ICI 15th Commencement Exercises ended successfully bringing with it new memories for everyone to cherish for years to come.