October 11, 2013, marked the culmination of the Special Project of Event Management of ICI-Iligan ComSec and Office Management students which was held at Annex2 Blg. Animation Lab. It was the concludingpartof our Special Project which commenced with the Zumba dance.  A day turned with thrill and joy in showing talents which became most memorable and unforgettable.  The program started formally with the opening prayer followed by national anthem, opening remarks and introduction of five awesome judges.

First, there were two contestants in singing competition showing their vocal power with a touching song lyric.  In dancing competition, there were four aspirants in Computer Secretarial and Office Management group. They showed great moves and amazing dance steps at that day. The intermission number was the cultural dance of the Muslim students called Apir, the fan dance. They wore elegant and colorful dresses turning the whole event lively and vibrant showcasing the merging of mix culture in talents. They did an excellent presentation considering of the shyness of some Muslim girls, who were compelled to show their hidden talents with all meekness.  The cultural Muslim Dance not only gave color to the event but, also enlightened the students that cultural traditions are not at all replaced by surging modernization. The costumes are combination of gold and dark colors accentuated with layers of jewelries; calculated hand and fan movement depicting rich Muslim lyrical movement made the students with admiration.

The winner for vocal solo went to Jean Marie Labastilla (Comsec) while the winner for the Dance contest was the group Chick’ser (O.M), the runners-up were the Anatomy group (O.M), Honeybee (Comsec),and the Rampa group.  Special awards were the “Eye Catcher” – Ms. Fatima Madale and Marjorie Acampado.

We out won the difficulties and challenges that we encountered in our daily practices as the whole event ended up successfully with great experience and camaraderie of the two blocks.  


Written By:  Marjorie O. Parilla