ICI Freshmen convened for PD Seminar

vgda seminarLast August 20, 2013 at 1:00 PM, ICI conducted a seminar II to all freshmen students. Seminars are arranged by blocks and there are five blocks. It was held at Annex 1. The seminar is for 1 VGD .A, and it was all about Personality Development. The speaker who conducted the seminar was Ma’am Vanch. Upon gathering, students face looks happy and excited. The program starts with a prayer and followed by National Anthem. Before the program starts formally, Ma’am Vanch iniate some jokes or energizer so that the students will be awake or energetic. Some of the students dance and sang. Then finally, 1 VGD.A had great number of students, Ma’am vanch precede the program.

First activity they had is getting to know each their selves. Secondly Ma’am Vanch discussed about Self Image, She asked a fact or bluff questioned to the students. Afterwards, 1VGD.A students gave their feedback of what they learned. The third discussion is techniques in Improving Personality, 1VGD. A student had exceedingly delighted feelings to listening the lecture. At last 1VGD.A students are very thankful that they had Seminar II because they knew what are their weaknesses and strengths must be improved well.


Written by: Marjorie O. Parilla