ICI Enrollment For 2nd Semester Is Now Going On

Few weeks of vacation and rest are much-needed by college students before the 2nd Semester starts. ICI has the longest Semestral Break period which began from October 14, 2011 and will end this November 13, 2011.

While some students enjoy their vacation, others are already preparing for the next semester. Their first step is to enroll themselves. ICI’s enrollment for this 2nd semester is now going on. The enrollment period began last October 24, 2011 and will end until the first week of classes.

The Business Center located at the ground floor of Diocesan Centrum Building where the enrollees can visit to begin their enrollment is crowded with returning students, parents and even new students wanting to experience the quality education that ICI offers. Fortunately for them, ICI employees and staff are patient and determined to provide good customer service.

For those who want to enroll, the process is quite easy if you follow these simple steps;

  1. Pay a registration fee to the cashier. This fee is divided into two parts, the entrance fee and the registration fee itself.
  2. Proceed to Guidance Office and look for ICI’s Guidance Councilor, Ms. Evangeline P. Vergara commonly known as Ma’am Vanch.
  3. Go to Faculty Room then look for ICI’s Academic Head Mr. Jefferson B. Obial commonly known as Sir Jepoy for controlling of subjects.
  4. Fill up Student Information at the Guidance Office.
  5. Submit requirements and get your COR (Certificate of Registration) printed the Registrar’s Office and look for Ms. Thessia Michelle M. Siozon commonly known as Ma’am Monette.

Enrollees may also call 223-0204 or visit the website to know more about ICI.

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