ICI Culinary Arts Department Celebrated 1st Toque Ceremony

Students of ICI Culinary Arts had their first Toque Ceremony last January 29, 2013 at Mahogany Hills, Kaplag, Iligan City. The word “Toque” is an Arabic word derived from the words “Round” and “Taqia” for hat. The Toque Blanche is French for the tall, round, pleated, starched ‘white hat’ worn by professional cooks. This is what the student gained during the ceremony, signifying that they are now student chefs.

The event was spearheaded by Chef Roseller Fiel, one of the Culinary Arts instructors. Parents and friends of the students attended the event to show their support and give their congratulations. ICI President Mr. Ladislao Tabanao Jr. with his wife Mrs. Emily S. Tabanao came to witness the ceremony.

It was a very honorable moment for the students as gaining the toque symbolizes their achievement. After the ceremony, the students took pictures with their classmates with great joy as they are now ready to take new challenges in the world of culinary arts.

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