ICI Continues to Improve its Very Own Animation Course

Filipino’s are a breed of talented individuals that other races and ethnicity envy of. Many people share similar talents as well as skills but not everyone is given the talents in animation that most people here in the Philippines possess. It’s a gift that has been around for many decades. Given the right knowledge and training to further improve the use of this gift, Filipino people can produce their own original masterpieces that can give pride to the country itself.

Along with many careers that emerge in this high-technology-driven world, more and more Filipino’s seek to find new ways of improving their quality of living and some of them find work in the animation industry for their passion is there. Using their talents and skills to their advantage, they are able to create outstanding feature-length cartoons and animated movies. Western countries have always recognized Philippines as one of the stronger players in the animation industry along with its other Asian neighbors such as Vietnam, India and China.

Animation Schools are sprouting everywhere with the hopes to produce new breeds of animators. Extensive trainings are formulated to cultivate and foster creative ideas. It has become a trend in many universities and educational institutions specially those that offer technical-vocational courses. As the the best technical-vocational school in Iligan City, ICI goes with the trend by having its very own course in 2D Animation. Many students enroll in this course because many Iliganons are talented in the field of arts and crafts. This course becomes an outlet for them to show their skills and exceptional creativity.

ICI has hired competent instructors to teach animation students the fundamentals of animation from the basic rules in drawing, enhancing sketches to using softwares capable of generating movements from a drawing. Along with these, students are also encouraged to craft their own ideas and use their imagination in their studies to create their own animated outputs. So far, ICI has produced many feature-length cartoons and animated movies that entertained everyone may they be ICI’ians of simply ordinary people outside the school.

As of today the school continues to probe deeper into the world of animation and never stops seeking new ways to further enhance its quality of education.