ICI Conducts PDAF Scholars Commencement Exercises

ICI recently conducts commencement exercises for the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) scholars last January 20, 2012 at ICI Annex 3, Lecture Hall. The PDAF scholarship is part of Hon. Vicente “Varf” Belmonte’s program to help people with the desire to learn technical skills for livelihood purposes.

The scholars are from barangay Rogongon, Iligan City. As one of the partners of the program, ICI provided its computer facilities for the qualified scholars under the Computer Hardware Servicing (CHS) NC II training. Picardal Institute of Science and Technology (PIST) also had their facilities utilized for the Shielded Metal Art Welding (SMAW) training.

Members of Association of Lanao Technical Institutions (ALTI) organize the event with every member welcoming the participants.

A total of 31 scholars completed their required hours of training and successfully passed the program. There were eighteen CHS graduates from ICI and thirteen SMAW graduates from PIST.

Everything went well that day and the few but proud scholars happily receive their certificates proving that the training is worth it.