ICI Celebrated Acquaintance Party 2012

The time of the year when students get to mingle and meet and new friends has come once again. ICI with the help of its Student Body Organization (SBO) celebrated its Acquaintance Party last July 14, 2012. The said event was held at the ICC Covered Court. Many students wearing their semi-formal attires as recommended by the institution came to take part in one of ICI’s most awaited annual celebration.

The whole programme began with a solemn invocation. At exactly 4:30 PM, the emcee and one of the school’s English teachers Mr. Sean Boglosa called everyone’s attention for the opening remarks. Then, ICI-Iligan Assistant Vice President, Mrs. Joy Real D. Jala welcomed everyone with a short yet inspiring message. Thereafter, ICI-Iligan Academic Head, Mr. Jefferson Obial stepped to the stage to introduce the newly elected SBO officers for their Oath Taking. SBO Adviser, Mr. Rhodenie Duran led the Oath Taking ceremony.

Subsequently, a production number from the Healthcare Department and HRM Department entertained the spectators. Moments later, several games were played by the students. These are Water the Bottle and Eating Contest. Everyone had fun during the games as participants played with their close friends and new acquaintances. Various prizes were then given to winners after each game. At 6 PM everyone had their dinner. While everyone were savoring their delicious meal, live band performances courtesy of participating ICI students made the whole evening an even better time for dinner. After the performances, students began to crowd at the center of the covered court to dance with their friends and even their instructors.

At the same time, a raffle draw was initiated by SBO members. The winners received prizes like bags, flash drives and cellphones. At 10 PM the Acquaintance party ended. Participants went home with new experiences and of course, new friends. This year’s Acquaintance party was a really memorable one. Everyone who came felt good knowing that they were able to have fun and interact well with others at the same time.