ICI-CDO:Tour Cebu

All ICI-CDO students who are about to graduate and finding an unforgettable way to partially seal their training from ICI before graduating was given a chance to signed up for the Cebu tour. Last March 07-10, students experienced the memorable things then looking  back  the happy memories they’ve created inside the institute, also they’re glad to got the chance the meeting ICI-Iligan students.

There are many activities   held during the tour like, visiting the different landmarks at Cebu. Opportunities also to students came many of those employers will be their, looking for future employees within their companies maybe adding another batch of successful hopefuls. The said tour package has luxury full blast meal filling their hungry stomachs from exploring the wonderful sceneries of Cebu City, and those with a healthy appetite were truly satisfied.

Hotel was provided to students during their stay at Cebu, insuring them the comfort and safety accompanied by the ICI-CDO Guidance Counselor, Mrs. Hilda Lacanaria Camomot and Stain dela Rosa Pelayo.

The tour gave an inspiring memories to students imprinted the laughters of joyful moments meeting the ICI-CDO Iligan students-blue