ICI-CDO Pingsters Successfully Participated its First Seminar-Workshop on Journalism Writing

The Ping Organization of ICI-Bugo in Cagayan De Oro City conducted a Seminar-Workshop on Journalism Writing with the theme: “Fostering Technical and Creative Writing Skills” last September 10, 2011. The seminar was successfully realized through the support of the management and effort of ICI-Bugo’s Academic Head, Ms. Meriam Mejias and and The Ping Adviser, Mr. Michael Maestrado. In addition to, the organization’s language consultant, Mr. Sean B. Boglosa and Editor-in-Chief, Mr. Arbil D. Ocutare were the ones who conducted the seminar as the resource speakers.

The goal of the seminar-workshop was to educate the Pingsters on the basic principles that govern newsletter writing in particular and instill in their minds the values a journalist must possess. This also served as a chance to have a team building for the group.

Mr. Michael A. Maestrado formally began the program with his warm opening remarks and introduced the resource speakers from Iligan City. The first speaker, Mr. Ocutare greeted everyone with a cheerful hello. He also congratulated them for making it to the team. His part for the seminar was to discuss the topics about the Foundation of The Ping and the Overview on Journalism Writing. In addition to, he also talked about the time of the organization’s realization, its early years of development and the pioneering members that made its first issue. He then gave examples to them and illustrated the mission, vision and goals of the organization and stated the most important rules of being part of the group. The participants listened to him attentively and learned with his every word until the discussion ended.

Consequently, he began to introduce his next topic. As a journalist he stated the elements that make up the building blocks of journalism and the disciplines that any journalist must live by. Along with this, he also gave examples of techniques that can be used for effective interviews and data gathering. Not only that, he also shared his experiences being an article writer for The Ping and WebX.

Afterwards, Mr. Boglosa stepped up and began to discuss his topic about Newsletter Writing. Since, every part of news is essential to be learned if anyone aspires to be a journalist, he discussed its different parts and also included the techniques on how to write an effective head and lead.. His listeners asked questions about the topic and he answered them instantly. During the workshop, he conducted an activity for the participants like making headline and the lead. Indeed a great way to evaluate their skills in writing. Participants then submitted their outputs to Mr. Boglosa and he gave them corrections as well as pointers to improve their writing abilities. After nearly 5 hours of interesting discussion, the Iligan Pingsters say their goodbyes to them with a smile.

The whole seminar-workshop ended successfully. New Pingsters from CDO acquired new knowledge that they will use for the upcoming work sessions in the next few months.