ICI-CDO Goes Tree Planting

“The survival of our city depends on individual’s responsibility.” This is the proper     time to reflect on the importance of caring for the environment. ICI-CDO conducts its tree-planting activity last February 4, 2011, Saturday, at Upper Eco Village,Malasag Heights, Cugman, Cagayan de Oro City, with its theme “PLANT A TREE, SAVE THE PLANET” it proves that the school has a generous heart to help restore the beauty and bounty of Gods creation, our environment.

The said event was participated by the faculty and staff, SBO, PING and ICI-Firefox Club under the supervision of Ms. Miriam A. Mejias- ICI Academic Head with the cooperation of DENR(Poll Patrol, Nursery, and Reforestation).

The participants brought their own planting tools, drinking water, extra shirt, and towel for them to be comfortable in the said tree planting. Before the planting, Mr. Claudio Jimenia- DENR worker taught them on how to plant the “Lawaan” seedlings. After which, the participants were braved the rugged terrain and slippery slopes to reach the planting site with two tour guides who led them to ensure safety throughout the activities. Everyone was busy taking pictures while digging the soil to plant the so called seedling “Lawaan” finding a right place for the seedlings. A total of 128 seedlings were planted on the said site. When they were done planting, they had their snacks ignoring  their hands were full of soil.

Again, a success tree planting has done for this year, a picture of warm dedication to our beloved environment  and a great unity of the ICI-CDO faculty and staff were kept to everybody’s mind. -blush