ICI-CDO Celebrates World Teacher’s Day


“Those who educate children well are more to be honored than they who produce them; for these only gave them life, that art of living well.”

― Aristotle

A day to honor the teachers for providing quality education has come once again. ICI-CDO celebrated World Teacher’s Day last October 4, 2013. This day is intended to be special for the appreciation of all the teachers for dedicating themselves to educate each one of us.

The SBO, in cooperation with the PING, prepared a small program to give tribute to all the faculty and staff. The program started with a prayer followed by opening remarks by the SBO President Mr. Julius Magto. Afterwards, slideshow of pictures and videos of greetings from the students were presented, and these delighted the hearts of the teachers. Laughter and excitement filled the school as the teachers and students see themselves on the videos.

Addition to the highlights, the SBO and PING also conducted guessing games which was joyously answered by the students as well as the instructors and staff.

To be able to teach students is the greatest achievement teachers will have in their lives. As the program ended, everyone got their smiles and walk away with glee.