ICI-CDO celebrates ICT Week

ICI-CDO celebrates its ICT week starting January 23-28 with the theme “Technology: Empowering minds through skills, creativity and innovation”. These events showcase students to share and expose their hidden talents to prove that they are competent enough and this to recognize their creativity in using technologies nowadays.

Mr. Mave Rem Taga, along with his co-chairman Mr. Elzever Paderog made the event possible as they’ve plan. There were faculty members are in charge in different games and activities such like in MS Word Contest, MS Powerpoint Contest, MS Excel Contest, also a breathtaking game that gives more interest to students, ”Defense of the Ancient (DOTA)” Contest.This include the English Department to students who want to join Oratorical Speech, Speech Choir Contest and Jingle Contest, Multimedia related, Video editing Contest, Web Designing Contest, Image Editing Contest and any other computer related activities, Assembling and Disassembling PC and PC Repair. Prizes are waiting to students who really did their best.

The last day of the event made more alluring when Mr. Mc Wilford T. Paclar- Music Guild Adviser offer a serenade performance to students with Eva Deirapine Music Guild Mentor on second voice.

Awards and prizes were given to the winners and a closing remark given by the chairman of the event. Week of enjoyment and victories of hard work printed to ICIan students. And indeed the event was truly unforgettable.-  Spell