ICI-CDO Celebrates Acquaintance Party 2012

A new school year is also a time to meet new friends. ICI-CDO celebrated its Acquaintance Party  with the help of the newly elected Student Body Organization officers last July 14, 2012 at Basamanggas Beach Resort with the theme “Pag-inilhanay, Paghigalaay, Panaghi-usa.”

There’s a saying “Earning Friends is more important than anything else.” Though it was raining pretty hard during the event, it was not a hindrance for students to laugh, cheer and have fun as they took part in different activities.

The program started with the Invocation and Pambansang Awit sung by the ICI Music Guild. Then an opening remarks was made by Ms. Miriam A. Mejias, Head of Academics. Then the newly elected Student Body Organization went in front and took their oaths. And in addition, the new members of the PING were also introduced.

Each block performed different presentations. ICI organizations weren’t left behind. They also performed and showed the pride of their organization.

Showing their sleek moves and wearing 80’s and 90’s attire, Mr. Jason Gerebise and Ms. Hannah Logronio won the title of Mr. and Ms. Fashionista, showing that they do have what it takes.

As the night passed, students had a great time as they grooved to the cool music and as they swum in the pool. Everyone met new friends and had a great experience that they won’t forget.