Humans of ICI features: Yasmerah Ambol




“Why did you choose ICI?”

“I saw the fliers offering different courses and I think it offers a lot of opportunities for. I got interested of the school standard they set up. Though I doubted about it at first; for the reason as it is a vocational school.  It was my father who pursued me to study here in ICI.”

“Why Office Management Course?”

“The subjects are related with my previous course of BSBA in St. Peters College.  I never regretted to switch to ICI because I learned to open up most of my hidden skills and talent.”

“What are the Benefits you’ve learned?”

“I learned that I can be a good leader with my members.  I got to socialize with the Christians group. I enjoy studying here in ICI.”

“If I could go back in the past I would still choose ICI because it’s where I was able to use my capabilities that I never thought that it are within me. “