he Ping Conducts its Seminar-Workshop on Team Building

Teamwork is the essential building block of any organization. Without this, no matter how skilled each member is, completing a task would be really difficult because there is misunderstanding among team members. Recently, ICI’s official newsletter publication “ The Ping “, conducts its Seminar-Workshop on Team Building last August 14, 2011 at ICI Annex 3 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. The seminar-workshop aims to develop camaraderie and teamwork among Pingsters and give them the opportunity to show their interests in the organization as well as the skills and talents.

The Ping’s Editor-in-Chief, Mr. Arbil D. Ocutare formally starts the activity with warm greetings and requests everyone to stand for the invocation and the singing of the Philippine National Anthem. After that he continues to do his part thru congratulating them for making it to the team.  Subsequently, the organization’s moderator, Mr. Sean B. Boglosa takes over to give his opening remarks. Great smiles are noticeable all over the place as they are welcomed once again by their adviser. Few minutes later, Mr. Boglosa requests the members to perform their presentation numbers that they prepared a week before. The Pingsters are very interactive in showing their talents, and give their best performance without any hesitation.

The seminar-workshop continues to heighten its being dynamic as Mr. Boglosa then conducts games for them. This part of the seminar enables the members to interact with each other and to make new friends as well. Games like The Boat is Sinking, Duct Tape Head and Water Relay make the whole seminar fun and worth-enjoying. Prizes are given to the lucky winners who show great interest and cooperation. Thereafter, a delicious lunch is served by the HRM students of ICI. Members enjoy their lunch while watching an animated movie.

In the afternoon, the flow of the program is more on discussion.  Initially,   the Editor-in-Chief talks about “The Foundation of Ping”. He explains how the whole organization started, its mission, vision and goals. A PowerPoint presentation is shown to the members to serve as a guide on the topic. He  also gives each member a valuable lesson about the immense popularity all Ping members will gain once they have become members of the staff, and he gives them pieces of advise such as not to be too boastful about their benefits as Pingsters and, instead, to be humble at all times.

Thereafter, The Ping’s Moderator Mr. Boglosa shares his topic about the principles underlying team work and team building. Members attentively listen to him as he gives examples and inspirational phrases from successful people who have achieved great things by working with a team. Also, he encourages everyone to improve them by working together and being as one. Everyone learns valuable lifelong lessons just by listening to him.

After the discussions the workshop follows. Members are given an interactive activity game called “Save the Egg “. Each team is given a task to construct a durable carrier that will hold the egg until all members reach the finish line. The hard challenging part of the game is that they must use drinking straws in constructing the egg carrier. Members quickly plan their egg carrier and then construct it with each other’s help. The participants demonstrate it by rapidly coming up with ideas that everyone agreed upon and, of course, moving together, proving that they are capable in understanding one another. Cooperation is the main factor in winning the game.

The awarding of winners from the various games then follows. Awards are given by one of the organization’s facilitators and a former member of The Ping, Ms. Mary Dhen P. Banday. Individual and group pictures are taken. This year’s Team Building Seminar-Workshop is a great success, with new members ready to take on the challenges of being one of the chosen few to be rightfully called as Pingsters.