DRESS TO IMPRESS” – ICI Iligan Acquaintance Party


“DRESS TO IMPRESS” – ICI Iligan Acquaintance Party

By:  Sittie Malaco and Soraya Mansor

An Acquaintance Party is a college party usually held at the beginning of the semester. This is a gathering of students from all year levels so they could get to know each other. Or if not, they could at least party together.

On 24th of July 2015, the students of ICI conducted an acquaintance party at Marro’s Cocina, Iligan City with the theme “Dress to Impress”. The program started at 6:00PM and ended at 8:00PM, consisted of activities, raffle draw, and search for Mr. and Miss Eye Catcher of the night. There was also a presentation of the different department.

While waiting for Mr. Sean Boglosa, our Emcee, Sir Jepoy conducted a Bring Me game so that the students will not get bored. The highlighted part of this game is that when Sir Jepoy asked to bring him some “Condom”, and luckily, one of the students have a condom in his pocket. And we were just “Woah” and “LOL” reactions. Yeah! Condoms aren’t new to us but, seriously? In event like this you would really bring some? Safety first eh? Well, people nowadays.

When Sir Sean has arrived they started the program formally with the opening prayer — Multimedia Presentation, followed by National Anthem, Opening Remarks and Acknowledging of faculty and staffs.

To pump up the energy, the presentations were cranking up the atmosphere to give everyone a cobra-energy- drink sensations. The first performance who made the stage hotter is the “Pabebe Girls”. They showed their talent in dancing. The students started screaming that made it to be more exciting and intense. As for the next performance they don’t want to be defeated they show off their moves. They engaged the students and faculty to conclude and to witness the night of the glee. And with the entering of the Acoustic Jam (OMA) made the audience to listen and feel the voice of their vocalist. As a girl, when you see a band you’re very willing to watch and listen either it is rock songs or love songs. They sung Geronimo song says that “don’t lose hope and be strong” with that, it made their audience to jump and sing along with them.

The students prepared themselves; for girls, dressed in their cocktails, gowns, and long dress. As for the boys, they worn smart casual outfit suitable for the event. As for those who exerted efforts to dress dashingly and seductively during the occasion, they were chosen to be one of the candidate for Mr. and Miss Eye catcher of the night. They introduced their self and do the modeling to show what they’ve got. But the funny thing here is when they heard that there is a Question and Answer portion some of the candidates disappeared especially the boys. The question was “How will you promote ICI?” well, maybe they were just shy or something that made them back out. The most awaited moment is when they announced the winner, and it was Mr. Kenneth Allan Galleca of DMA and Miss Rache Mae Jaudian from HRS department. They had received a pair of watch, but I prefer it to be a sash (just saying!)

As the night closed to end, the crowd begged for more fun, and the students did not hesitate to get up and claimed the dance floor. Some of them are just taking some pictures to have some remembrance to the said event. It was a fun night, and everyone enjoyed the party, and went home with a lasting impression on their faces.


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