Computer Literacy Program in ICI – What Is It?

With all the known computer courses offered by ICI, it seems that the only choices are Information Technology, Computer Science, Digital Media Arts, and Visual Graphic Design. For anyone who wishes to learn a specific computer skill, going through one of these courses means that he or she will pay for the whole semester and we all know, earning money these days is a hard enough task.

For that, ICI offers Computer Literacy Program (CLP). Designed to be budget-friendly for anyone, CLP focuses on specific computer skills like MS Applications (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), AutoCAD, Photoshop and PC Repair. For as low as Php 99.00/ Sunday, any individual can learn one of the three MS Applications mentioned above.

The institution considers computer literacy as an edge in successfully landing a job. Moreover, ICI’s industry-standard training means that skills that are in-demand abroad can be learned here. AutoCAD for instance is widely-known all over the world to be the number one program for designing complex structures for construction. At ICI, AutoCAD is offered for as low as Php 1, 387.00. It couldn’t get any lower than this.

ICI’s Computer Literacy Program is something worth trying for. You not only learn here, you also get to prepare yourself for employment. For more information, just click the COURSES tab in the navigation bar.

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