Career Guidance Seminar: Guiding for their future job!


Last October 19, 2013, a mock interview for the Octoberian graduating students was held at Annex 2 ICI-Iligan.   It was a practice after the seminar on Career Guidance which includes; Resume and Application letter, Personal Hygiene and Interviewing Techniques, and Work Ethics.  The interviewers for the students were Ma’am Beve Kintanar, Vanch Vergara and Franz Quiapo.

The ICI students from different courses were asked some questions in order to find out what skills they are suitable for a job or what their future plans are.  For instance:  where they want to work; what skills do they prefer for a job; what are their future plans after they graduate?  The interviewers motivate the students to be prepared during an actual job interview.  They used an interview rating sheet to rate the potential of the students.  The values given were on; Ability to Talk, Aggressiveness, Appearance, Courtesy, Enthusiasm, Intelligence, Maturity, Personality and Poise. The students were taught on what to do and not to do during an interview, and how to be prepared and present themselves with confidence and to answer questions clearly.  The interviewers encouraged the students to present a complete and attractive resume that stresses their qualifications.  Their skills today will guide them to a better job opportunity in the near future.

Congratulations for the ICI-Iligan graduating students and Good Luck!


Written By: Anjanette Isubal