7th Iligan CIty Computing Fair

A time to unveil the talent and knowledge.

A time for ICI to prove that it got what it takes to be proud.

ICT which means INFORMATION, COMMUNICATION, TECHNOLOGY.   Three (3) words that mean so much and go far than using them individually. ICT celebration is a yearly activity to promote ICT industry and provide a good opportunity to reach prospective clients. This year, as a part of the ICT celebration, Iligan joined  its 7th ICCF fair last November 24-25, 2009 held at MSU-IIT campus. It was a 2 day event hosted by MSU-IIT School of Computer Studies with its theme: “Promoting Peace and Development in Mindanao through Excellence in ICT”.

This year’s event offers Seminars on Current ICT Trends, Technical Forum, and several competitions such as a Quiz Show for High School and College Students, Open-Programming, On- the-Spot Digital Arts, Computer Hardware Servicing and some ICT activities, presentations, and a Job Fair. All the events were distributed to fit for the 2 day event.

The program was opened by Prof. Jeremy V. Pinzon, Dean of School of Computer Studies, while Chancellor Marcelo P. Salazar, MSU-IIT Chancellor  welcomed the participants.  Dr. Emmanuel M. Lagare, Vice- President for the Academic Affairs of MSU-IIT System together with the first district representative Hon. Congressman Vicente “Varf” Belmonte gave their warmest messages in the event. Later in the program sponsors were given time to share their presentations.

It was in the afternoon that the competition proper started. The On-the-Spot Digital Arts and the Computer Hardware Servicing Competition are the first two (2) competitions done at different venue. On- the-spot Digital Arts was held at the BPO Lab, 2/F IDS Bldg where Prof. Aloha May H. Ambe did the briefing about the contest rules and mechanics. Being the participating school, and the school that offers courses in line with the two competitions that was ongoing, ICI sends its best students for these competitions.  Jammie Lee Lueck is ICI-Iligan’s lone participant for the On-the-Spot Digital Arts Competition with her Coach Ryan Sumampong, one of the Digital Media Arts and 2D Animation Instructor.   On the other hand, ICI-Iligan and ICI-Bugo, both had participants for the Computer Hardware Servicing Competition.  Roxanne Lumacang,  Josefus Caldelina, Erwin Salcedo with coach Miclen “Keken” Gungob, is ICI-Bugo’s competing team. While Jahary Nanaman, Kalista Elaiza Balberona, John Daryl Balberona with coach Carmelito “Dhoi” Bitas is ICI-Iligan’s competing team. ICI-Bugo and ICI-Iligan is counted as a separate team for the competition. The participants did Assembling and Disassembling with Safety Working Condition, Installation of the Operating System, Troubleshoot Printers and Scanners, Troubleshoot a Network and a lot more.

Day two (2) of the event highlights the continuation of the Computer Hardware Servicing Competition along with the Open Programming competition and the Quiz Show for both High School and Collegiate Level. Open–Programming Competition was held at BPO Lab, 2/F with Joseth L. Rilar brief the participants of the contest rules and mechanics. While the Quiz Show was held at IDS Multi-Purpose Hall with Prof. Dante R. Dinawanao briefed the participants’ on the contest rules. Unfortunately ICI-Iligan do not have a participant for the Open-Programming Competition. Yet, ICI-Bugo participated in the competition with coach Meriam Mejias. For the Quiz Show competition, ICI-Iligan participated the event which is represented by Paolo Immanuel Abdullah and Ringo Lapeceros with coach Archie Molina.

While the competition is going on, a Seminar-Workshop on Current Practices and Frontiers of Computer was done at the first day and Series on Computation, Complexity and Unsolvability on the second day which was held at CED Amphitheater.

Awarding ceremony excites everyone especially the participants and the school administrators alike.  A number of schools participated in the different competition but, ICI proves that it has what it takes to be proud of. ICI-Iligan’s lone participant Jammie Lee Lueck garnered 3rd place for the On-the-Spot Digital Arts competition.  While on Computer Hardware Servicing Competition team ICI-Iligan placed 2nd next to team ICI-Bugo who undoubtedly placed 1st. Though they travel far, they really do bring home the bacon.


At the end, the event goes well and leaves ICI a realization, that, what we achieved in this event is a summary of patience, and hard work combine with knowledge, expertise and experience of our instructors. It is also a day that ICI is so proud that we have not just grown from a seed to a firm tree but we got what it takes to be called the best technical vocational school in Northern Mindanao. It bares the sweetest fruits that give us a silent success.

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To all the participants, coaches, and winners, CONGRATULATIONS.