Zumba continues as an Event



It was still fresh to each who joined the last Zumba event last year of September 2013, managed by the O.M and Com. Sec. courses.  And now Zumba is back! Still in a relation with the Event Management subject, this year’s fresh enrollees of O.M and Com. Sec. courses emerged and recomposed the Zumba event as part of their event’s theme of “Fiesta sa ICI”.

Everybody was enjoying their dance moves, stretching their bodies, go with the flow through the music and building camaraderie among ICI students. The five-peso entrance fee is much enough for your motivation to boost your body energy. You can also enjoy taking photos with everyone as a part of taking memories with your course mate.

So we hope next year and for the next generation of these two courses will let Zumba stay and continue to enjoy the physical benefit added with a spice of friendship.

By:  Aj Isubal