Your bet for Mr. and Ms. ICI Iligan 2013


It was a very exciting moment for the Mr. and Ms. ICI 2013. On Friday evening, September 13, 2013, hundreds of people have crowded and filled the Lyceum Gymnasium.  A tremendous battle of beauty and brain performances for the Mr. and Ms. ICI made the audience stand and shout. Indeed, it was a fair battle for all the candidates by performing in different categories: wearing gold suit, swimwear, gown and formal attire. The overall decision of the judges for the coronation went to the Red Hot Vipers team candidates: Mr. Raymark Jade Basalan and Ms. Lenn Jeffrose De la Peña. The first runner-up was given to Ms. Jo Dianne Niez and Mr. Rocky Tubin, both with Vicious Green Bulldogs. Every team was betting their candidates to win.

Everybody there was having a terrific time. After all for the Mr. and Ms. ICI PALAKASAN 2013, congratulations and enjoy the benefits and privileged you received.


By:  Anjanette Y. Isubal

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