“The Fresh Faces of Iligan PING”


Soraya Mansor, Sittie Malaco, Novelyn Sanchez, Terrence Nale & (AC Estudillo – not in the photo)

Giving of one’s word is like the giving of one’s heart. Ping is the ICI official publication. This is managed by the ICI students. They cover ICI related events and write either news or features in the Ping. It’s quoted, academic success depends on research and publications.

Being chosen as one of the ICI Pingters in this school, was such a privilege and honor for me together with my co-Pingster. To our adviser, mam as you’ve write in a piece of paper to invite me and my partner in crime, Sittie Aslia, to be part of this publication, we felt mixed emotions; happy, shock and proud. Then I asked myself, am I capable with this kind of responsibility? Why me, though I’m not really good in writing? I know that my co-Pingster do felt it too.

But then we are thankful. We would like to express our gratitude to our ping adviser Mam Beves Kintanar to entice us in this organization. She always inspired us and she never leave undone on us. There is a saying that when you teach what you love and share what you know, you open eyes, minds, hearts and souls to unexplored worlds. And that’s our adviser shows us always.

Here they are; Ms. Novelyn Mae Sanchez our senior Ping member and OM student, Ms. Sittie Aslia Malaco an OM student, Mr. Terrence Nale a DMA student, Karlo Estudillo an HRS student, and me an OM student.


By:  Soraya P. Mansor