ICI-Pingster Tops in the 3rd Iligan City Collegiate Statistical Essay Writing Contest at MSU-IIT

The Iligan City Statistical Coordinating Council (ICSCC), in coordination with the Department of Mathematics of the College of Science and Mathematics of MSU-IIT and the Philippine Statistical Association (PSA) – Iligan City Chapter conducted its 3rd Collegiate Statistical Essay Writing Contest last October 23, 2012 at MSU-IIT. The said event was one of the activities held in line with the 23rd National Statistics Month Celebration with its theme: Monitoring Decent Work through Statistics: Pathway to Inclusive Growth. The contest was intended for college students who are studying in all tertiary schools in Iligan City including ICI. The participating schools like St. Michaels College, MSU-IIT, Lyceum Foundation of the Philippines and St. Peters College were requested to have at least 3 contestants for the essay competition.

ICI’s representatives for the essay writing contest were Helen G. Garcillano and Steven C. Palacios along with their coach and adviser for the The Ping, Mr. Sean Boglosa. After the 2-hour competition, Helen emerged as the champion. The 2nd place award was given to MSU-IIT’s participant and 3rd place award to Lyceum Foundation of the Philippines. Garcillano was requested to read her winning piece during the closing ceremony of the month-long celebration. Her essay will be included in the official publication of the College of Science and Mathematics of MSU-IIT before the year ends. Below is Garcillano’s “Essay Winning Piece”:

Monitoring Decent Work through Statistics: Pathway to Inclusive Growth

By: Helen G. Garcillano

How can monitoring decent work through statistics help? Statistics plays an important role in describing the reality of people’s life at work. It gathers facts which will be the bases in formulating plans, and realizing the problems. Realizing the problems is important to set plans and prioritize important issues.

The greatest challenges that the Philippines is currently facing are inducing economical growth and job creation. It is said that high level of employment also means there is economical growth. However, the Philippines is not alone with this problem. According to International Labor Organization (ILO), half of the world’s population earns less than 1 dollar per day, which means that the poor people don’t have the capacity to lift their selves from poverty.

To address these problems, ILO implemented the project Monitoring and Assessing Progress on Decent Work (MAP) where its goal does not only include creating jobs but also creating acceptable jobs. In the Philippines, the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) approved 2, 578 livelihood projects as of September this year. The project s include hog fattening, goat raising, loom weaving, bio-organic fertilizer production, access to retooling and training and others.

These projects are disseminated to government agencies, National Statistics, workers and organizations to promote decent work. The projects’ activities include: preparation of background country-studies, national consultation workshops, regional workshops to identify decent work, support national statistical offices and other relevant institutions, the preparation of in-depth country-studies on decent work, national meetings of researchers and policy makers, training and knowledge-sharing workshops and lastly the production of a manual on the global methodology to self-monitor and self-assess progress towards decent work.

With these comprehensive projects, the economical growth of our country still lies in the hands of the Filipino people.

Red Hot Vipers Bagged Palakasan 2012 Overall Champion Title

One of the most awaited annual events of ICI-Iligan; the Palakasan was conducted last September 11, 2012 at Miguel Sheker Park, Iligan City. Palakasan 2012 was attended by ICI Management Personnel, Faculty and Staff members, and students from different departments. The whole event kicked-off with a motorcade around the city. Afterwards, a small program marked the start of the three-day event which aims to promote sportsmanship, camaraderie and unity among ICI’ans.

The first day of Palakasan featured Paindigay – a pop dance competition between four ICI departments; Programming, Multimedia, HRM and Engineering. Participants showed their graceful dancing moves, made the audience laugh with their hilarious antics, and ultimately left them amazed. After almost an hour of fast-paced dancing under the sun, the Orange Hammerheads of the Programming department was declared as champion. Thereafter, Over-all Event Chairman, Mr. Rhodenie C. Duran announced the schedule of games which include Basketball, Volleyball as well as traditional games like Patintero, Sack Race and Tug of War.

Nothing was new in the second day of Palakasan. However, more students came to the park to watch the games as well as mingle with their friends and classmates. The games went on as planned with each department giving their best to win.

The third day marked the end of Palakasan 2012 with the final schedules for every game and the highly-anticipated Cultural Night in which a new Mr. and Ms. ICI 2012 will be crowned. Every student has high hopes that their team will be declared as champions. At 3:00 pm, the sporting events of Palakasan 2012 finally ended and everyone left the children’s park to prepare for the Cultural Night in which the overall champion of this year’s Palakasan will be declared.

At 5:00 pm, students came to Lyceum of Iligan and went directly to the gymnasium. A few minutes later, the place was filled with students and spectators, all ready to be entertained and have fun. Competitions like Acoustic Band, Vocal Solo and Lyrical Dance made up the cultural night. Performers displayed great passion in singing and dancing with each performance leaving the audience in amazement. Of course, the Mr. and Ms. ICI 2012 is the highlighted event of the evening. Eight candidates representing their department prepared for this night to match beauty and wits against each other. Each exposure took them a step closer to the crown.

Few exposures and production numbers later, the competition came to the dreaded Question and Answer (Q & A) portion. Each candidate answered his/her question very well, making it harder for the judges to determine the winner. At last, the results were in, and candidates from the HRM Department were declared as the Mr. and Ms. ICI 2012. The immense feeling of victory didn’t stop there as the greatest announcement was made. The Red Hot Vipers from the HRM department were declared as the Overall Champion.

This year’s Palakasan 2012 was made possible by Overall Chairman Mr. Rhodenie Duran and Ms. Cheryl Lyn Destura with the cooperation of ICI’s Student Body Organization (SBO), The Ping as well as the ICI Management, Faculty and Staff. Everyone had a great time during the three-day event and shared memories that will last for a lifetime.

Student Body Organization and The Ping Moderators Partake the EQUIP’s Million Leaders Mandate Conference

One of the world’s dynamic leadership organizations: EQUIP, organizes a Million Leaders Mandate Conference for religious and business leaders on January 26-27, 2012 at Cinema 4, Limketkai Center, Cagayan De Oro City. The event is organized by a group of Christian leaders in that place. The president and CEO of EQUIP, Dr. John D. Hull, Equip Board Member and AT, Steve Miller and Pastor Batbold from Mongolia are the ones who visit the Philippines especially Mindanao to conduct the leadership conference. The training for leadership trainers is the culmination of the EQUIP’s founder, Dr. John C. Maxwell’s leadership passion and dreams. The purpose of the event is to stir and mobilize leaders as to the importance of raising up a new generation of leaders in Christian and business worlds.

Over a thousand of participants come from different places in Mindanao and across the Philippines. Two of the most dynamic advisers of ICI’s student organizations, Mrs. Lovely L. Monte (SBO) and Mr. Sean B. Boglosa (The Ping) join the said two-day leadership training. Since, these two faculty are the ones who handle student’s organizations, the lessons that they learn in the training will be used to resource, encourage and train student leaders or future student leaders in their organizations.

According to Mr. Boglosa, the training centers on the understanding of the Principles and Laws of Leadership and some thoughts on the Laws of Teamwork and Stewardship. In fact, the team provides the participants with instructional materials like notebooks from volume 1 to 3 and powerpoint presentations in CDs. Based on the notebook collections, the lessons focus on the principles of leadership like the laws of respect, intuition, magnetism, connection and chain. The good thing about the lessons is that they are associated with biblical version of the classic leadership teachings. In addition to, the resource speakers also discuss about the techniques on how to develop leaders in a small and large group settings.

EQUIP believes that the leadership training for trainers is a vehicle to develop and train leaders especially in building character, competence and chemistry. Also, the training materials are taught somewhere on the planet through hundreds of conferences, small group settings and mentoring relationships.

According to ICI’s AVP, Mrs. Joy Real D. Jala , the leadership training of Mr. Boglosa and Mrs. Monte will be imparted by them to the faculty and staff this coming summer break. Besides, there will be another leadership conference in the next six months and the organization is looking forward for more participants to be sent this time. The management hopes that this training will help people in the organization as leaders whom have been impacted to make a difference in lives of the people that they lead like the students better.

The Ping Conducts Seminar-Workshop on Journalism Writing

The Ping organization conducts a Seminar-Workshop in Journalism Writing on November 30, 2011 at HRM Lecture Hall, ICI Annex 3 Bldg from 8-5 in the afternoon. The goals of the said seminar are to enhance the writing capabilities of every Pingster and prepare them for the upcoming work sessions in making the ICI’s official publication that will begin this December 3, 2011.

This is the most-highlighted seminar of the organization because in here, all members get to learn the basics of creating a newsletter from headlines to layout designs. To start things off, the Ping’s Language Consultant, Mr. Sean B. Boglosa welcome’s everyone with a warm smile and gives words of encouragement.

Shortly after that, he calls the Editor-in-Chief, Mr. Arbil D. Ocutare to discuss his topic about the “Overview of Journalism Writing”. He defines journalism as the reporting of timely facts. Participants actively listen to him as he presents the elements of journalism right before their eyes. Apart from this, he also states the code of conduct for reporters that any journalist must live by. With the aid of a PowerPoint presentation for their better understanding of the topic, Mr. Ocutare clearly identifies the 3 C’s of Journalism that includes being clear, concise and correct as a writer. After discussing his topic, he thanks everyone for listening to him.

Everybody takes a short break by eating thier snacks. Then, Mr. Boglosa steps-up to talk about his topic on “Newsletter Writing”. He explains the essential parts of a newsletter, its purpose and its importance in spreading information to the mass media. In addition to, he also gives emphasis on teaching participants how to make headlines and lead for news articles with considerations also on the mechanics in news article writing. Not only that, Mr. Boglosa conducts writing activities to evaluate each participant’s performance if they develop the skill and learn something from the workshop. Since, the first work session is to be made this weekend, he tells the Pingsters about the Statement of Duties for each member from the Editor-in-Chief, Photojournalists, and Cartoonists to Layout Artists.

To wrap up the seminar-workshop, everybody participates in the pictorial for documentation. The most enjoying part of the event is the awarding of prizes for early bird (Mercy Nadayag) and Most Participative (Lovely Ann Carreon, Quennie Tan, Shene Ann Velez and Nordin Sarip).

The event ends very successfully. All Pingsters gain new knowledge and develop skill in creative and technical writing. They are now ready for their upcoming 8-week work session and very excited to perform their duties for the making of the publication to be released in the middle part of February of next year.

SBO Held Peer Counseling Sessions, PINGsters in Attendance

The Student Body Organization of ICI-CDO held their Peer Counseling Workshop last November 8, 2011. Members of The PING were invited to witness the said event.

The workshop was conducted in order to prepare the SBO members for their Peer Counseling sessions with the purpose of helping students who may have difficulty dealing with certain problems. The student counselors serve as resident shrinks and listen to whatever is on the student's mind and attempt to help the student solve his/her problem. Moreover, the counselors lend an ear for the students to address their concerns, and serve as an outlet for them to speak their minds about things to others which they cannot do otherwise.

Mrs. Hilda L. Camomot served as the resource speaker for the program, which was also attended by a few  other members of the faculty and staff, including the SBO adviser, Mr. Josua A. Saring, who spearheaded the workshop.

During the discussion it was emphasized that the workshop’s objective is to help the counselors develop themselves so they would become guideposts for the students who would approach them, seeking advice. This was the main goal throughout the meeting and the SBO officers played an active role in discussing the attitudes necessary for a student counselor. Tips were also given in order to improve the counselor's skills with listening and interacting with others and to instill self-esteem, proper conduct and trustworthiness for them to become good role models for the rest of the student community. There were also guidelines for the counselors for when they actually hold their sessions with the students. Open-mindedness, trustworthiness, honesty and self-confidence were a few recurring themes throughout the workshop, as most of the topics tackled revolved mainly arousnd these characteristics. Both SBO and the PING members learned valuable lessons during the meeting from which they may benefit greatly from in the future.